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Chicago Style Hot Dog and New York Style Hot Dog for “The Great Ziegfeld”

Chicago Dog
New York Dog

In honor of Florenz Ziegfeld who was born in Chicago but was an adopted son of New York City, we decided to put up a poll on two classic variations of the good old-fashioned, all-American hot dog; the Chicago dog or the New York dog.  Which do you prefer?

Chicago Dog Toppings – yellow mustard; chopped white onions; bright green sweet pickle relish; a dill pickle spear; tomato slices or wedges; pickled sport peppers; and a dash of celery salt.

New York Dog Toppings – all-beef Kosher dog with sauerkraut and a smear of mustard

Koob prefers the New York style but Kristy prefers the following:

Kristy’s Veggie Dog – Tofurkey brand veg dog with vegetarian baked beans, ketchup, spicy brown mustard, and relish

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