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Coffee and Donuts for “It Happened One Night”

Coffee and Donuts

For our food pairing for “It Happened One Night” we chose good old-fashioned donuts and a cup of coffee.  One of the classic scenes from “It Happened One Night” is the scene in the room at the Auto Park when Clark Gable is making Claudette Colbert a “rationed” breakfast; one scrambled egg, a donut, and a cup of black coffee.  Then Gable explains the art of dunking to Colbert.  Here is the transcript from that scene:

Peter: Say, where did you learn to dunk, in finishing school?
Ellie: [indignantly] Aw, now, don’t you start telling me I shouldn’t dunk.
Peter: Of course you shouldn’t. You don’t know how to do it. Dunking’s an art. Don’t let it soak so long. A dip and—plop, into your mouth. If you let it soak so long, it’ll get soft and fall off. It’s all a matter of timing. I ought to write a book about it.

The release of this movie coincided with the popularity of donuts in America as they were billed as “The Hit Food of the Century of Progress” at the 1933/34 Chicago World’s Fair and lauded as “the perfect union of fresh ingredients and automated preparation”.  So get your self some “Old-Fashioneds” from Dunkin’ Donuts (they still sell these) and a good strong cup of black coffee and dunk away.  Just make sure you do it properly.

It Happened One Night

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