Does Genre Matter?

Many genres have been represented in the 85 years that The Academy Awards have been handing out Oscars, there are, however, some clear favorites in regard to the genres that tend to win.

According to , 89.2% of Oscar winners are Dramas and 41.0% are Romance (obviously these categories can overlap- as in the case of Dramatic Romance films). As far as Best Picture Winners, there are are no winners in the genre of Science Fiction and only a handful in Action, Fantasy, and Mystery.

Another interesting note, our next movie to be reviewed is the lowest rated Best Picture winner on IMDB. Be sure to check out our upcoming review of 1931’s Cimmaron!

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5 thoughts on “Does Genre Matter?

  1. vinnieh says:

    Thriller and horror are mainly my favourite genres.

  2. crocetto says:

    Thanks for commenting Vinnieh- My favorite has to be documentary, I am a sucker for quirky real-life characters.

  3. Niejan says:

    My favorite genres are history and… here it comes… drama!

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