The Broadway Melody – Best Picture Winner, 1928/1929


The Basics

The Broadway Melody (1929) – Director, Harry Beaumont; starring Bessie Love, Anita Page, Charles King; Run time – 100 minutes – Musical, Romance 

Prior Knowledge

Koob: This is one of the few Best Picture winners that I have pretty much no             prior knowledge of.  I’m guessing it’s about the production of a broadway musical and that it was probably one of the first “talkies” since it’s advertising “talking” on the poster.

Kristy: Talking. Singing. Dancing.  That’s all I got.

Fun Facts from IMDB

-The first all-talking musical feature. Also the first musical to spawn sequels (The BroadwayMelody films would appear every few years until 1940).

-A silent version was also released as many cinemas hadn’t acquired sound equipment in 1929.

Eddie Kane starred as a big shot broadway producer named Francis Zanfield, which is an obvious take on broadway legend Florenz Ziegfeld Jr..

Viewing Source

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Post Viewing Responses

Ratings (with 1 star = the worst and 5 stars = the best)

Koob:  2 stars

Kristy:  1 star

Double Gobble Score: 1.5 stars

The Takeaway

Has some historical value as one of the first big screen musicals and a behind the scenes look at early Broadway but has a hard time keeping you interested and doesn’t hold up well over time.

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